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Why You Should Have More Control Over Your Money w/Jim Oliver

One of the reasons we become entrepreneurs is to achieve financial freedom. Which systems do we take for granted as places to make money? Could we be putting ourselves at risk by not having enough control over our money? On this episode, Jim Oliver from CreateTailwind shares how to grow your wealth without relying on traditional and commercial banks.

Take a longer term look at your business. -Lars Hedenborg


3 Things We Learned From This Episode

Stop using your own money (08:04- 09:06)

If you take out a life insurance policy, you own part of that insurance company. This means you’re allowed to take a loan from your policy. The great news is, you’re actually loaning the company’s money while yours is still growing.


Think long-term (16.16-17.48)

Don’t worry about finding the most exciting vehicle to get you to your endgame. The most important thing you should be doing is finding an effective method that will help you achieve your goals in the long-term.


Be in control of your money (19:54- 20:43)

When you invest solely in Wall Street, you’re putting yourself at risk. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket- you never know if something might happen on the stock market to jeopardize everything you’ve invested. All you can do, in this situation, is hope- and hope is not a strategy.


An essential part of freedom in any area of life is autonomy. You need to have a certain degree of independence to be truly free. Apply this logic to your money. Don’t allow other people too much control of what you’ve earned. Instead, find an effective strategy that garners you more independence. There are so many options available to those seeking real business freedom.


Guest Bio-

Jim Oliver is the founder of CreateTailwind, a financial firm aimed at helping their clients create wealth without investing everything on Wall Street. Jim is passionate about finding ways to generate and maintain wealth without using commercial banking routes, and changing mindsets towards more independence.


To find out more about CreateTailwind, head to:

How Real Estate Team Leaders Keep the Faith When Times Are Tough!

In business and in life, it’s inevitable that we run into hard times on occasion. How can you maintain hope throughout good and bad periods? How should you approach hopefulness? On this episode, I discuss the ‘hope loops’ we all need to go through.

If you’ve lost hope everything will go bad in every area of your life. -Lars Hedenborg


3 Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Some suffering will always take place- even when your business is running smoothly. Acknowledge this and allow yourself to suffer at times.

  • To get through sufferings, you need to persevere.

  • Perseverance builds character. This character is crucial in your business’s longevity.

We all go through ‘hope loops’, in all areas of our lives. Whether in business or in personal issues, it’s something we need to get used to. However, it’s important to remember that not all of these are connected to one another. In every loop, focus on the one issue at hand. Dedicate yourself to persevering and building character in these areas. It may seem tedious- but it’s essential.

Learning from Failures and Having a Plan w/Andy Green

Successful entrepreneurs must deal with challenges in order to expand their business and life.

What were their mistakes, and how can you learn from them?

How can you grow your business without sacrificing time with loved ones?

On this episode, Andy Green of Green Group Real Estate shares the mistakes he’s learned from throughout his business journey.


Treat your company like a business and have a plan. -Andy Green


3 Things We Learned From This Episode

Don’t underestimate the importance of good leadership (08:18-09:07)

If you are a visionary, it’s likely that at some point you’ve expected more from your team than is actually possible. Make sure you’re articulating exactly what you expect them. It’s easy to get caught up in what you think should happen, but unless you communicate that, you’re not going to see the results you want.


Focus on building relationships (11:35- 12:32)

No matter how much the real estate industry seems to be changing, one constant factor is the necessity to build relationships. Be sure to stay top of mind for clients past and present. You can do this by sending them video content. Unlike emails, which are usually impersonal, sending videos helps people get to know, like and trust you— and ultimately build profitable relationships with you as a result.


Safeguard yourself from burnout (21:51- 23:27)

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need to do all the work in your business. Wherever you can, trade your money for time. Leveraging in this way will protect you from burnout. While it’s important to put work into your business, putting in that work should never be a barrier to your personal freedoms.


There are a lot of challenges that business owners have to face, and it’s inevitable that you’ll run into a problem somewhere along your journey to business freedom. However, learning from others’ mistakes can help you navigate those problems more easily. Focus on being a good leader and treating your company like the business it is. However, remember to prioritize the things that matter to you. Success requires a balance.


Guest Bio-

Andy Green is the CEO of Green Group Real Estate, under Keller Williams Portland Premiere. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Andy has a great understanding of what it takes to be successful in real estate. Andy is of the mind that real estates have full control of their destinies, so long as they’re focussed on and dedicated to their goals. In addition to being the CEO of Green Group Real Estate, Andy is also a Real Estate Coach.


To find out more about Andy and Green Group Real Estate, visit:

How to Make Sure Your Business Is Bringing You Time, Money, Freedom, and Reduced Stress

Most entrepreneurs start their own businesses in pursuit of freedom. What should you do to ensure you actually have freedom in terms of time and money? How can you reduce stress, while also building a long-term business? On this episode, I’m explaining the 3 things you can do right now if you’re not where you want to be as a team leader.

If your business is not based on the right economic model, you’ll have less money to show for it. -Lars Hedenborg


3 Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Take a deep clarity break of 90 minutes a week to ask if your business is taking you closer to time, money, and freedom from stress.

  • Know your compensation and service models.

  • Persevere. Be persistent in your line of work and ask yourself if your mindset is one of short-term gain or long-term business ownership.

When you own a business, it’s easy to fall into the trap of doing more work than you should. This obviously undermines your decision to attain business freedom in the first place. If you’re not where you want to be yet, reevaluate what you’re doing now. Check in with yourself and think about what your business models look like. Most importantly, never forget that owning a business is a long-term game.

How to Foster Healthy, Robust Growth w/Greg Miller

As business owners, one of our primary goals is to grow our business in a healthy, sustainable way.

How can you do that while building a great company culture at the same time?

Where can you find the time to put in the work required to crush your goals?

On this episode, Greg Miller in Kalamazoo, MI shares his methods for achieving growth and how he turned his business around.


Three Things You'll Learn from Greg Miller:

  • Create an environment in your business that ensures the wellbeing of your team. Make sure you’re aware of their personal struggles and their financial issues, and coach them accordingly.
  • As soon as you can get out of production, pass it on to your agents. Not only are they probably better salespeople than you, but they want to do it because they’re making money.
  • Having a scarcity mindset forces you to put pressure on yourself, but it’s not necessary. Start telling yourself (out loud, if needed) that you have all the time in the world.

The Rise of iBuyers and The Death of Marketing As We Know It

Team leaders in real estate are still putting money into mass media, and it’s not generating as much return as it used to. We cannot compete with well-funded, profit-optional companies like Zillow who buy up the vast majority of mass media space for the market. What can we do as team leaders to make ourselves visible in the real estate market? What approach do we need to have in our business today? What are we really doing to market our business? In this episode, I share what we need to do– and not do– in order to adjust and thrive in a shifting market.

What we need to do is to go back to the way business used to be done – a very personal, very caring approach. -Lars Hedenborg


3 Things We Learned From This Episode

  • We need to take on a very personal, caring approach to business that provides a high level of service. This will leave you impenetrable as aspects of the market shift.

  • Paying someone who’s a better marketer than you for a lead is not marketing.

  • A business that is loosely run in this hyper-competitive industry is going to suffer tremendously  

Mass media channels have been taken over by giant real estate companies like Zillow that we can’t compete with in the same way, and these channels are not bringing in the returns that they used to. As team leaders we need to not only take on a personal, caring approach to business, but also calibrate ourselves around the ‘four-fecta shift storm’ that’s happening in our market. iBuyers are causing a business model shift, there is a consumer evolution where people expect a high level of service, technology is about to become a different beast with AI, and the economy will shift as a result. We need to get on board or be left behind.

How to Focus on What Matters Most with Human Performance Expert Jairek Robbins

When asked to rank the most important things in life, most business owners will list family as their top priority. However, do their actions reflect this when they’re with their families? How can you make sure you’re giving your family as much attention and quality time as they deserve? On this episode, performance coach Jairek Robbins shares how you can put your love into practice.

Focus on the routine that prepares you for the most important people in your life. -Jairek Robbins


3 Things We Learned From This Episode


Actions are important, so be intentional (11:37- 12:19)

Most business owners have daily routines to help them get ready for work, but nothing that prepares them to come home. If you believe that your family is the most important thing in your life, show it through your actions. Don’t arrive home after work deflated and unable to give of yourself.


Give yourself clarity (13:57- 15:54)

After a day at work, start your routine for seeing your family by taking a 3-minute cold shower. This will help reset your brain and allow you to optimize your time with family. Even if you’ve had a long, draining day, taking a cold shower will activate your superhuman side.


Know what you need for your ‘pit stops’ (28:44- 31:16)

If you want to perform optimally, you need to take pauses along the way to refuel. To make sure these are fruitful, go into them knowing what you need. Surround yourself with people who will help you refuel, and make the most of the time you take to rehabilitate.


Far too many people believe they need to force themselves to work harder in order to be successful. While success requires hard work, you also need to consider what your priorities are. Work with those in mind, and maintain your focus in every area of your life. Establish routines that will optimize your performance at home, at work, and with everything else important to you.


Guest Bio-

Jairek Robbins is a performance coach and motivational speaker. As the Bestselling author of Live It!: Achieve Success by Living with Purpose and Live It! : Empowering Tools to Create Meaningful Results in Life and Business by Jairek Robbins, Jairek is passionate about helping people achieve success in all areas of their lives. Jairek appreciates every opportunity he gets to help people when they need it most.


To find out more about Jairek, head to:

You can also attend his course via this link:

And grab a Muse band at:


The 4 Immutable Laws of Lead Generation

All real estate agents know that lead generation is important. How can you generate leads effectively? Are there any definitive steps you can follow? On this episode, I talk with Greg Miller to discuss how you can generate leads without spending a ton of money.


3 Takeaways/Tactics

  • Take the time to train your agents effectively.
  • Stay connected with your clients. This is the best way to have great results.
  • Lead with revenue, not with expenses.

Lead generation is essential in the real estate industry, but it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you need to spend a lot of money in the process. Rather than spending unsustainable amounts of money on lead generation, invest in your team and foster relationships with your sphere. You don’t need to go broke generating leads— just stick with the basics.


Guest Bio

Greg Miller is a Realtor with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Michigan Real Estate. As an expert negotiator, Greg and his team have seen phenomenal success in the industry. In 2015, Greg was elected as the President of the Greater Kalamazoo Association of Realtors.

Mindset Hacks for Top Producing Agents w/Jet Xavier

One of the biggest mistakes people make in real estate is putting too much emphasis on training and skills, and not enough on how we think. Why is mindset the missing link for agents struggling to make progress? How can we overcome distractions? Why should we stop seeing stress as the enemy? On this episode, top mindset coach Jet Xavier shares his best mindset hacks that will help you succeed in the real estate business.

Change the human and then change the business, as opposed to changing the business and hoping for the best. -Jet Xavier  


One of the biggest mistakes people make in real estate is putting too much emphasis on training and skills, and not enough on how we think. Why is mindset the missing link for agents struggling to make progress? How can we overcome distractions? Why should we stop seeing stress as the enemy? On this episode, top mindset coach Jet Xavier shares his best mindset hacks that will help you succeed in the real estate business.

3 Things We Learned From This Episode


How to overcome procrastination and distractions (08:42 - 10:27)

When we procrastinate it means we don’t value our time. In order to overcome it, we have to start putting a lot of value towards our time and how we spend it. When we place more emotional value on our time, it’s impossible for distractions to get the best of us.


A new perspective on stress (11:33 - 12:26)

Make friends with stress, it’s not an enemy. Stress is about how we perceive it and how we label it. It’s just energy and when we see it in a positive light, it won’t overpower us.


What it takes to develop mental toughness (27:14 - 28:29)

Agents focus on what’s going on around them and that slows them down. In order to have grit, you have to be able to have a part of yourself that won’t get touched and shaken by adversity and challenges.  

Success in business is all about being able to play the long game, and what really makes an impact is mindset, not more skills and training. Our mindset is what helps us develop the habits that lead to success, it’s what helps us make it through the challenging, it’s what makes us able to build businesses that go the distance.


Guest Bio-

Jet Xavier is Australia’s leading elite performance mental skills and mindset coach in the real estate sales industry. He is a leading speaker, presenter, trainer and writer who has conducted over 2500 elite performance mental skills and mindset coaching, mentoring and training sessions with various agents and major agencies across Australia and overseas. Jet’s BE – LIVE – SELL message is designed to create a personal revolution for sales agents and principals in their business and life to increase success at every level. Go to for more information and download Jet’s free Mindset Hacks here

What the Zac Brown Band Can Teach You About Growing Your Business

To be successful as a real estate team leader, you have to deliver your services in such a way that they are on par with what consumers are getting in other areas of their lives.

How can you ensure you’re providing a great experience to all of your clients, all of the time?

The details matter ... you must be thinking about how you can consistently surprise and delight your clients.

On this episode, I explain why you need to have your business systems down to an art.


Build systems that deliver the highest level of buyer and seller services. -Lars Hedenborg


3 Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Deliver your services with precision and skill, and create Clients for Life in the process.


  • Service providers in any industry don’t provide great experiences to their clients by luck or chance. They have great systems in place to make sure it happens every time.


  • Offer a menu of services to your clients— not just a basic service offering like every other real estate agent out there.


The modern consumer is constantly having better experiences with their service providers. That’s because while providers are paying attention to their product, they’re marketing more than what they sell: they’re offering an experience that goes above and beyond. Being predictable doesn’t need to be boring. It just needs to prove to your customers that they’re guaranteed to get excellent service from you, every single time.